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Factory address:Hydraulic Lifting Platform Industrial ParkJiyang County
Jinan, Shandong Province
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high tech Zone of Ji'nan City, Shandong province No. 389

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Date:2016-09-22 11:10

Shandong Baima Yongcheng CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd. formerly known as Jinan Baima Yongcheng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., the company was founded in 2005, is a CNC machine tool design research and development manufacturing sales as one of the production-oriented enterprises, in 2009 changed its name to Shandong Baima Yongcheng CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd., in October 2014 the successful stock reform, a joint-stock company. May 29, 2015 formally listed on the new three boards, securities referred to as: White Horse NC, securities code 832508. This is the machine tool industry in Shandong Province, the first new three-board listed companies.

Since the establishment of the company has been attached importance to new technologies, new product design and development, focused on providing users with high-quality, high-precision automation products, through continuous independent research and development and absorb international advanced design concepts to enhance the company's core competitiveness. Provincial industry, the White Horse Yongcheng brand of CNC products already have a certain reputation and a fixed user base, but the enterprise is not self-satisfied with the status quo, but to continue to explore the pace. In the scientific and technological innovation, service users, the concept of social return, combined with the Internet at this stage of thinking, advancing with the times to create a combination of O2O mode and the Internet after the machine tool service platform - Baima intensive. The original company in which the metal cutting equipment industry, has been to manufacture research and development of CNC machine tools for the main business. In recent years the national economic development slowed down, equipment manufacturing industry be affected. The original user groups to purchase new equipment budget has shrunk, but because of labor costs, the demand for equipment automation has improved. In response to industry needs, White Horse NC business model of the transition from the machine tool manufacturers to gradually transition to machine tool service providers. Machine after the user refers to the purchase of machine tools needed after a series of services, after the transformation of the white horse NC not only the manufacture of machine tools, more machine tool enterprises to create an integrated service platform. To provide users with the machine after the purchase of all kinds of services needed, such as software upgrades, a single manufacturing unit flexible docking, process guidance, operation training, maintenance, spare parts supply, overhaul and green remanufacturing and so on.

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