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Product Details
  • the number of :
  • Product name: YC360L lathes
  • Product number: c03


YC360L type CNC lathe is two coordinate control of continuous horizontal CNC lathe, can automatically complete the inside and outside round surface and conical surface circular surface, face, a variety of screw thread and taper thread, thread end, drilling, reaming, boring machining. This product is fully considered the most concern for safety, reliability, convenient use, convenient maintenance and other users, X to the trip, the indicators are similar products in the crowd.
The main features of the product are as follows:
1 integral bed, 45 degree slant bed (Figure 1), to ensure that the machine has high rigidity prominent.

Figure 1

2 the spindle sleeve type spindle of the Simpson (NSK bearing, three after two bearing structure), spindle speed 6000r/min (Figure 2).

Figure 2

3 the machine X, Z to Taiwan are used in high precision linear rail, screw (lead 12mm), and the NSK precision screw special bearings, fast moving speed of up to 30m (Figure 3).

Figure 3

4 X to 520 stroke (Figure 4), can be installed at the same time the 6 row of knives, high efficiency.

Figure 4

5 closed door (Figure 5), good waterproof performance, protection of motor and switch in the area are reliable, suitable for cooling liquid under wet cutting operation.

Figure 5

6 in order to improve the production efficiency of optional automatic chip removal (Figure 6).

Figure 6

7 The product structure is mature, excellent performance, reasonable price, high market share.


The YC360L parameter


project content Company YC360L
ability Swing over bed Mm 360.
The maximum cutting diameter Mm 360.
Maximum turning diameter of board Mm Turret: 80 row knife: Phi Phi 80
The maximum length of workpiece Mm Two hundred and twenty
The spindle chuck and parameters The spindle head form No. A2-5
Chuck form   6 ".
Spindle motor power KW AC 5.5/7.5
Spindle speed R/mi Four thousand seven hundred and fifty
Spindle hole diameter Mm 56.
Bar diameter Mm 45.
The feeding part parameters X axis servo motor Nm Six
X axis travel Mm Three hundred
Z axis servo motor Nm Seven point seven
Z axis travel Mm Three hundred and fifty
Turret or knife Knife number   No knife tower
Direction of rotation  
(dovetail type knife)
Tail length: 700mm
Standard shank size Mm 25 x 25
The maximum size of the boring bar Mm Phi 25
Appearance Size (length * width * height) Mm 2170 x 1515 x 1850
capacity Power supply capacity KVA Fifteen
weight Weight (weight) Kg Three thousand
numerical control system     SIEMENS 808D 8 MITSUBISHI M70B
    Emperor Kaine 2000T 980TD
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