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Product Details
  • the number of :
  • Product name: DS150 type numerical control lathe
  • Product number: d001

DS150 double spindle numerical control lathe is a kind of high precision and high performance price ratio machine tool, which is suitable for the processing of high precision and large amount of parts. The machine tool two spindle box parallel arrangement, X, Z two direction using linear rolling guide rail T font layout, X, Z two direction of the guide rail in the same plane, the precision is stable and reliable, smooth chip flow. Machine tool system for the arrangement of the cutter layout, tool changing time is short, high precision, small size, the ground and less power consumption, the appearance of novel design, easy to operate, fully enclosed protection. The machine tool is suitable for the middle and small parts of the semi precision and precision machining. The parallel double spindle lathe is suitable for the batch processing tasks of high precision, plate type, shaft type or complex shape parts. The most suitable for use in aviation, aerospace, military, automobile, motorcycle, communication, refrigeration, optics, electronics and other industries of a variety of high-precision, multi volume, complex shape of the complex parts of precision machining.

1 the whole spindle sleeve structure, spindle bearing using the first two, after two, before and after each one of Japan's NSK high-speed, precision angular contact bearings (Figure 1), the German NBU15 high speed bearing lubricating grease (Figure 2).

Figure 1

Figure 2

2 this kind of double spindle lathe with excellent expansibility. Parts can be configured automatically clamping, automatic up and down material (Figure 3), automatic chip removal device (Figure 4). To achieve a multi machine management, especially in the current labor costs increased year by year for enterprises to save a lot of labor costs and management costs.


Figure 3



3 equipped with a dual spindle, the cutter head, when processing the same parts, can improve more than double the processing efficiency. High strength cast iron bed can improve the accuracy and reduce vibration. The bed level layout, two-way linear guide (Figure 5), high precision, good dimensional stability. T type machine tool bed structure unique, X, Z axis vertical axis separately, the accuracy of mutual influence, complete isolation of the processing zone and guide wire rod.


Figure 5

4 K1000Ti-A high performance CNC system with lathe, using the new software and hardware structure design, high resolution 7 inch color screen (Figure 6), built-in multi function PLC, software control functions, centralized machine operation panel.

Figure 5

5 the use of CNC lathe tool rest (Figure 7), up to 10 of the tool can be installed, stable and reliable, low failure rate.

Figure 7

6 fully enclosed protection structure, machine tools in water, oil, dust and safety performance is much better than similar products.
7 independent spindle structure at the same time matching high accuracy P5 spindle bearings, high spindle speed, small thermal deformation, configuration of high speed hydraulic chuck (Figure 8), or optional hydraulic chuck.

Figure 8


Main technical parameters of DS150 numerical control lathe

project content Company Specifications
ability Maximum swing diameter mm φ180
Maximum cutting diameter mm φ310
Maximum cutting length mm 150
principal axis Spindle speed range r/min 200~3000
Spindle head form   A2-5
Spindle hole diameter mm φ40
Taper of spindle mm NO.5
Spindle maximum output torque Nm 20
Chuck mm φ160
Electric machinery Spindle motor power kW 7.5 变频
Z X shaft motor torque Nm X /Z : 6/ 6
Trip Z X axis stroke mm X:500 Z:150
Fast moving speed of Z X shaft m/min X:25 Z:25
Row of knives Cutter table size mm 650×170
Standard shank size mm 16×16
Maximum boring bar size mm Φ16
Size (length X width X height) mm 1620×1760×1800
Power supply capacity kVA 15
Machine net weight (kg) kg 1350
Tank size (length X width X height) mm 920×700×320
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